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Koyo Ice Cube Machine | Flake Ice Machine

Koyo ice maker machine is suitable for wide range of F & B industry, fresh market which including restaurants, cafe, food court, canteen, kopitiam, hospital, supermarket, mini mart, selling ice cubes in your own grocery shop, to keep the freshness of frozen meat, fishes, seafood, vegetables and more ..

Interested in making your own clean ice 10Kg from RM1.50 only? Get the MCO Special* package now.

Koyo Ice Maker Machine :

✅ Free Installation & Delivery*
✅ Free Service Free Filters
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✅ 10Kg Ice at RM1.50 Only*
✅ Make Own clean ice Anytim*
✅ Free 36 Pcs Water Filter*
✅ Free Maintenance & Repair*
✅ 3 Years and lifetime warranty*
✅ Warranty cover all parts and labor
✅ Rent to own / Easy Payments*

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*Terms and Conditions Apply – MCO package is for new customers only.
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☎️ Koyo Hotline: 1300-88-0711
* Terms and conditions apply
* MCO package is for new customers only.

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