The annual Malaysian International Food & Beverage Trade Fair, MIFB is The Future of The Food Business. KOYO Groups – Ice Maker Machines, Poseidon Coffee and KOYO Automatic Coffee Machines will be participating in the coming MIFB 2019. We are proudly present the products below in MIFB:

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KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

KOYO Ice Maker Machine

KOYO supply the energy-saving, anti-bacteria, super clean ice making option for your business. The Ice maker machines are suitable for restaurant, hotels, resorts, cafes, food centers, businesses that required for ice cubes daily. Instead of buying ice cubes which may lead to an unknown sources,, you may now make your own clean and hygienic ices for your daily business needs and own the machine in rental basis.

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

MIFB is the Largest and Leading Food and Beverage Focused Trade event in the country which offers a platform for businesses from the industry to showcase their products and services at international trade platform. Exhibitors will be offered a highly focused event which caters to their needs and brings them the best ROI.

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

Over 600 participating companies from 50 countries will be hosted and more than 20,000 trade visitors from around the world are expected to visit the 20th MIFB 2019.

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019

If you are looking to introduce, exchange, and learn about the latest innovation and technologies from around the world, MIFB is the place to be.

KOYO – Your future Eco-Friendly Technology and LifeStyle:

KOYO Ice Maker Machine @ MIFB 2019
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