Restoran Muzhaffar : Customer Koyo Ice Machine Malaysia

Restoran Muzhaffar is famous in selling Malay food a& drinks in Kuala Lumpur.

Ice cubes supply is important to his business everyday. By using Koyo Ice Machine Malaysia, he is now able to produce own clean and hygienic ice cubes now at anytime when he want to open his business.

Koyo Ice Machine Malaysia – making him save a lot of money, instead of buying ice cubes every day, he is affordable to rent and own the ice machine after 3 years. Most important, he is able to focus more in the business and worry free about the ice machine breakdown, free maintenance and free parts in repairing.

Use Koyo Ice Machine Malaysia now !

For more information and enquiry, you may contact our hotline at: 1300-88-0711 or our 24hr Business Whatsapp: 60183993328

Restoran Muzhaffar : Customer Koyo Ice Machine Malaysia

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