Koyo Ice Machine Customer - Xing Fu Tang

Xing Fu Tang Sri Petaling – Taiwan No 1 Bubble Milk Tea

Xing Fu Tang Bubble Milk Tea
恭贺Sri Petaling 幸福堂开张营业
KOYO 日本制冰机 – 您洁净冰块供应的首选

Koyo Japan Ice Maker Machine Customer

Koyo Mesin Buatan Ais Kiub / Air Batu
Koyo Ice Cube Maker Machine is suitable for Cafe, Bistro, Restaurant, Tea Shops, Coffee House, Hotel, Food and Beverage Business who require the ice cubes, flake ice, grabular crused ices for their daily business. Machine is durable, fast ice making, cost saving (up to 10Kg/RM1.50)*, 3 Years Warranty, and Rent-to-Own*

Interested please contact us:
Hotline: 1300-88-0711
Whatsapp: https://wa.me/60183993328
* Subject to machine model. T & Cs Apply.